dinsdag 20 april 2010

Primeval killerfish

At work (zylomgamestudio) I have a little scale model of a Dunkleosteus.
A Dunkleo-whatus? Yes, a Dunkleosteus, it's a prehistoric killer fish that roamed the seas some 400 million years ago.
This massive 10 meter long armoured fish probably had the most powerfull jaws in animal history; four times greater than a T-rex's bite.
But enough of the facts and figures.
The little scale model has been sitting on my computer for some time, and it inspired me to make a painting out of it.

Continuing my Master Assignment at ZylomGameStudio, my goal is to create a clearly readable and colorful picture.
I made this a bright sunny day. The warm light is hitting the animals from the left, while the shadow catches the blue light of the sky, and the bounce light from the ocean.
The shape of the animals are clearly readable.
I added more contrast at the head of the fish, that's where the focus should be.
To attract even more attention the saturation is higher and more detail is added in the head area.

One minor issue. At first I had a scientifically correct amphibian to be the prey.(this animal did live in the same era as the fish).
But the amphibian didn't fit the composition. It looked like it was dropped from somewhere high and the fish was about to catch it.
However the flying pterasaur (which didn't exist at the time) does make more sense in the composition because it is surprised by the killer fish and about to be crushed.

donderdag 8 april 2010

Magic is believing...

Before going to bed Jill hears stories about witches and wizards told by her mother.
She loves the stories so much that she actually believes magic is real.
Bold as she is, she takes a broom and climbs the roof to fly into the world.

Together with my graphical colleagues at Zylom Game Studio we are trying to improve our drawing/painting skills through a monthly excersize.
We call this the MASTER ASSIGNMENT.

step 1: write a story (in this case the story above)
step 2: every aspect of the drawing has to support your story

This is the first output of my efforts.
I realized that the use of color and hue/saturation should be something improve upon.
So the next weeks I will focussing on the use of color and hue/saturuation.

Make sure to check in once in a while to view the process.