donderdag 23 september 2010

Autumn is around the corner

The yellows and browns of autumn leaves catch the sunrays to light up the dark leaf littered beech forest.
Meanwhile a wild boar mother is guiding her naive piglets in search of food to store up some fat for the unforgivable winter.

zondag 19 september 2010


It's been a while since I've posted anything.
So here's something new. The colors of this eagle are based on a photograph.
I want to study the actual thing before I'm making up my own color scheme.
I found that if I start from scratch with a colored painting the colors tend to look unnatural and dull.
I guess I'm a little too impatient to study more slowly.
So from now on I will study reality first and learn from that.
Eventually, if I feel confident enough, I can make my own colorscheme based on the things I've learned.
Because everything you make will stay in your mind somehow and will help you in future endeavours.
One step at a time ...